CBHS International Health Assist

Your ‘Good Health Partner’

Focus better. Stress less. Do your best work. Get the most out of everything Australia has to offer. Our new Health Assist service helps you make the best decisions for your health and wellbeing while you’re in Australia, so you can live a happier life.

The best thing is, it won’t cost you anything extra! It’s included in your health cover, and it is one of the many ways CBHS International Health is looking after you.

Health Assist

One-on-one health guidance, when you need it

Health Assist is a dedicated service provided by one of our trusted healthcare partners especially for CBHS International Health members. You are able to talk on the phone with qualified clinicians from a variety of health and wellbeing backgrounds, including dietitians, nurses, midwives and maternal child health nurses.

They are on hand to talk to you about your health concerns and help you find the support you need, whether through a specialised program, one-on-one health coaching, a local no-gap provider, or another pathway.

CBHS International Health may refer you to third party providers when you use the medical, interpreter and personal assistance helpline. If you decide to engage a provider, it will be on the basis that CBHS International Health will not be responsible, and you will not hold CBHS International Health responsible, for any liability that may arise from that engagement.