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Health Cover for Workers (OVHC)

Australian health cover for overseas workers coming to work in Australia.

Overseas Visitors Health Cover (OVHC) is 100% visa compliant health cover that offers three different cover options.

Starting from

$1462* per week

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*Based on Single Overseas Worker Base Hospital. Minimum payment is monthly

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How does OVHC work?

You must have health cover to meet your visa requirements when you work in Australia.


OVHC for singles, couples and families

Our cover takes care of the costs of medical treatment if you or your family get sick or have an accident.


Why CBHS International?

Nothing matters more than your health, and we’re investing heavily in innovative initiatives to make sure your medical needs are taken care of.


Who is OVHC for?

Your working holiday or holiday visa in Australia may come with a requirement to hold OVHC. Our cover is compliant for the following visas:

  • 482 (temporary skill shortage)
  • 485 (temporary graduate)
  • 457 (temporary work – skilled)
  • 403 (temporary work – international relations)
  • 408 (temporary activity)
  • 407 (training visa)
  • 476 (skilled – recognised graduate)
  • 590 (student guardian)
  • 489 (skilled regional)
  • 400 (temporary work short stay specialist)
  • 010 (bridging Visa A)
  • 020 (bridging Visa B)
  • 030 (bridging Visa C).



24/7 Helpline

Medical and personal assistance including interpreters.


National GP Network

We pay the full cost for eligible services provided by GP’s who are part of the CBHS International Health network up to the relevant service limit.


Health and Wellness

Health and wellness tips and programs to help you stay healthy while you are living in Australia.