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How to claim

Claiming with CBHS International is simple and efficient, because we’ve made easy and stress-free claiming one of our top priorities for members.

How to claim

Here at CBHS International Health we want to make sure you are getting the most out of your health insurance while you are in Australia. Follow the steps to make a claim.

1) Send us the receipt.

For the majority of the services, including online doctors, select clinics (denoted with ‘star’) within the National GP Network, you will need to pay upfront and follow the below steps to submit your claim.

  To submit a claim:


Take a photo of your membership card


Forward a copy or a photo of your invoice and receipt from the provider.

2) Claim on the spot.

If you visit one of our doctors within our National GP Network, present your CBHS International membership card and your photo identification and the medical centre will bill us directly. We’ll cover the full cost of your visit up to the relevant service limit*.

If your doctor orders tests, such as blood tests or x-rays, these cannot be claimed on the spot. You will need to pay for these services and keep the receipt. Depending on your level of cover, you may be able to claim a benefit from CBHS International Health.

Claim on the spot

If you visit a medical service provider that is not part of our GP Network, this will attract larger out-of-pocket expense and to claim, you will need to follow the same steps as 1.

For most doctor visits*, we pay your claims into your bank account within 3-5 business days.

*For all above services, refer to your level of cover for eligibility, service limits and any applicable waiting periods.

To ensure you receive your benefits in a timely manner, make sure you have provided your Australian bank account details when you submit a claim. We are unable to provide funds into an overseas bank account.


If you have any questions regarding claiming, please call our International Health team

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