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Are you affected

Are you affected?

According to research by Headspace, close to two-thirds of students surveyed reported high or very high psychological distress at some point during the past 12 months. Being proactive with your mental health can help reduce the likelihood of feeling this way:

    • Access this free mindfulness course
      Are you thriving or surviving at work

      Are you thriving or surviving?

      Are you working?


      • Take this mental health check-in to measure your wellbeing and how you can improve
      • Visit Heads Up for information on better mental health in the workplace

      Are you studying? Exam time = stress time

      Balancing study and life can be tricky! If you need help during this time, look at these resources:

      Where to get help

      Where to get help?

      • Headspace is our National Youth Mental Health Foundation and its services are free or low cost and confidential. It has over 100 locations over Australia.
      • Lifeline is 24-hour telephone crisis support providing suicide prevention services, mental health support and emotional assistance via texting, calling, or chatting online. 
      • Beyond Blue provides an extensive list of national helplines and websites.

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