What our members say



Best thing about CBHS International: I feel secure about my health, and with one phone call I can see a GP or go to hospital.

Would you recommend CBHS International: 10 – yes I would definitely recommend

Favourite thing about Australia so far: My favourite thing about Australia is how culture is so important here, which is different in my country the Philippines.



Best thing about CBHS InternationalThe best thing is when I’m sick I will use my health insurance card and also they help if we are facing problems in our study.

Would you recommend CBHS International: 10 – yes I would definitely recommend

Favourite thing about Australia so far: I really like the environment and the people here in Adelaide and also countryside of Adelaide. Visiting new places and friends.

About us

CBHS International Health may be new, but our roots aren’t. We’re taking the experience and learnings of our sister parent company, CBHS Health, and using them to create a health insurance service that extends our outstanding care to international students, overseas visitors and workers.

We’re bringing you over 70 years’ experience looking after the health of thousands of Australian families. We want to revolutionise health insurance for internationals, ensuring you're in caring hands committed to looking after your health during your stay in Australia. If you must have health cover, why not choose the cover that does more?

Our goals

  • To deliver outstanding service
  • To provide access to affordable healthcare to our members
  • To offer simple claiming
  • To give you solid, no-nonsense advice
  • To provide value for money
  • To help members navigate the Australian health system (in their own language)
  • To expand our partner networks, so all your needs are taken care of.

Core values

At CBHS we aim to conduct our business according to the highest standards of honesty, integrity, respect and fairness when dealing with all of our customers and employees. Our core values guide us; we CARE

Your Options

We want your time in Australia to be memorable for the right reasons. People get sick, accidents happen. Being prepared is your best course of action. CBHS International Health offers affordable health cover for students and visitors with a 24/7 phone helpline (and interpreters) to help you navigate the Australian health system.