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Second opinion service from Best Doctors

Get a second opinion or check your treatment options with CBHS International Health Best Doctors.

Best Doctors

Have you ever received a diagnosis or treatment that you would like another opinion on but not sure where to go or worried about the additional cost? If you answered yes, you have access to “Best Doctors” at no extra cost. It is just one of the benefits we provide to you as a member of CBHS International Health.

Who are the Best Doctors?

Best Doctors is an organisation that gives you access to leading medical experts around the world, helping you to make more informed decisions about the diagnosis and treatment of your medical condition. It is 100% confidential.

The Best Doctors team uses leading technology and rigorous processes to connect people facing health problems with experts considered top in their field.

What to expect?

How it works


  1. Call Best Doctors on 1800 830 082 or access the service here

  2. A representative from Best Doctors will interview you and liaise with your own doctor to obtain case notes and medical history. Best Doctors will appoint a specialist to review your case.

  3. The specialist arranges more tests if necessary, thoroughly re-examines all the evidence and offers an independent diagnosis.

  4. The specialist may also suggest treatment options your own doctor may not have considered.



Get help online help

Submit your non-urgent questions online and Best Doctors will get you a personal answer from an Australian GP within 48 hours.

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