If you are on a single or couples OSHC Policy, your newborn baby will only be added to your policy with no waiting periods if:

  1. You inform us during your first trimester that you are pregnant.
  2. You update to a family or sole parent policy at least three months before the expected birth date.

It is important that you update your policy prior to the birth of your baby so that cover includes your baby. Your baby will not be included on your visa until after it is born, and you have provided evidence of cover for your visa to be updated. Updating your policy means that your baby is fully covered at birth if born prematurely, or if medical attention is required for the baby during or after birth.

Just for being a member, you’ll also get access to the CBHS International preferred network of providers as well as free wellness and education programs during pregnancy. And you’ll enjoy the benefits of delivering your baby in a private hospital instead of a public one.

If you are having a baby in Australia it is important that you understand your baby will not automatically become an Australian citizen. For more information access the Home Affairs link https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/change-in-situation/had-a-baby

We urge all members who are currently pregnant or considering pregnancy to call us on   so we can walk you through the options available and give you the support you need.

You might also like to visit our health and wellbeing pages for more information https://www.cbhsinternationalhealth.com.au/overseas-students-oshc/health-and-wellbeing