Organising Internet and phones

internet and phones


Most mobile phone providers offer internet (data) as part of your phone package (both for prepaid and contract services). You can also organise internet access for your accommodation (if it isn’t included as part of the accommodation terms). If you get internet for your accommodation, your service provider will send you a modem. Ask the service providers you’re considering for details on contract and prepaid options.

Mobile phones

Once you’re in Australia, you can buy a SIM card or pay for an Australian mobile phone number.

You can choose from:

  • Prepaid services: This involves paying upfront for your services and allows you to control your spending. Prepaid services are available from most phone service providers. Signing up for most services is usually easy and can be done online.
  • Contract services: If you’re staying in Australia for a while and know how long for, you can save money by getting a mobile phone contract. Contracts often include cheaper rates for texting and phone calls as well as an option to get your actual mobile phone (cell phone) included as part of your monthly fee.

When choosing your mobile phone plan, remember to look for good deals for international calling so you can easily keep in touch with your friends and family back home.

Making international calls

international calls

To call your friends or family back home, dial 0011 followed by your country code, the area code (if needed) and then the telephone number.

Calling Overseas:
Using a landline:
(0011) (Country Code) (Area Code) (Phone Number)

Using a mobile/cell phone:
(+) (Country Code) (Area Code) (Phone Number)

To call you in Australia, your friends and family will need to dial 61 followed by your mobile phone number, or if calling you on a landline, they’ll need to dial 61, then the area code (dropping any leading 0) followed by the telephone number.

Calling Australia:(61) (Mobile Number) Or (61) (Area Code) (Landline Number)

The Australian Government - Department of Communications website has more detailed information about phone services in Australia.

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