Looking after your mental health

Are you feeling anxious or nervous? Are you worried about your future? Your family? Are you feeling lost or depressed? Are your feelings affecting your work, your studies or relationships?

It's completely natural to feel fearful or anxious from time to time. However, if your worries are starting to spiral, it's important to ask for help.

There are several reputable Australian mental health and wellbeing support organisations available to the public. These organisations work in partnership with Government and communities to raise the awareness about mental health.

Beyond Blue has a a free online tool that can help you identify unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and learn strategies to deal with them.

Lifeline is 24-hour telephone crisis support providing suicide prevention services, mental health support and emotional assistance via phone, texting or online chat.

Black Dog Institute: Online self-help tools and apps that can be accessed from anywhere via desktop, mobile or tablet 24 hours a day.

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Looking after your mental health
When to visit a doctor or hospital

In Australia, we go to hospital if we have a medical emergency, or a pre-planned surgery.

If it’s not an emergency, we visit a doctor or GP first. You can talk to a doctor online or see a doctor face-to-face in your local area

An emergency is any medical problem that causes extreme pain, severe blood loss, or could cause death or permanent injury if not treated quickly. An example of an emergency is struggling to breathe, chest pains or a serious accident. If you have an emergency, call 000.

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