Are you affected

Are you affected?

According to Headspace’s latest research, close to two-thirds of students surveyed reported high or very high psychological distress at some point during the past 12 months. Be proactive with your mental health:

  • Answer 10 questions to determine if you have been affected by depression or anxiety and the next steps to take
  • Learn more about mental health and wellness
  • Get started with a free, personalised self-help tool
  • Access this free Mindfulness course
Are you thriving or surviving at work

Are you thriving or surviving at work?

  • Take this 6-minute survey to measure your wellbeing and how you can improve
  • Read these 8 ways to improve your mental health at work
  • Ted Talks on managing stress

Exam time = stress time

Balancing study and life can be tricky! If you need help during this time, look at these resources:

Where to get help

Where to get help?

  • Headspace is National Youth Mental Health Foundation and its services are free or low cost and confidential. It has over 100 locations over Australia.
  • Lifeline is 24-hour Telephone Crisis Support providing suicide prevention services, mental health support and emotional assistance via telephone, face-to-face and online
  • Beyond Blue provides extensive list of national helplines and websites

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