Do NOT visit the medical centre without calling first

  • When you call, be honest!
  • If you have cold or flu symptoms, make them known when you call for your appointment
  • Do not withhold this information in fear you will not been seen. Even if you suspect you may have COVID-19, tell the receptionist over the phone so that arrangements can be made to provide you with the medical services you need in the right location.
  • Failure to let your condition be known could expose anyone working in that clinic to the virus.
  • This could mean the clinic would need to be closed and the staff may need to self-isolate from their families. Medical clinics need to remain open to help those in need.

We need to do our best to look after ourselves and each other

You need to follow the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines to protect yourself and minimise the risk of catching COVID-19. This can protect you and slow down the spread of the virus which will reduce the impact on our community. 

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