There may be a number of circumstances where you are without cover

Your OSHC expired before your visa expired

If you are in Australia without a valid visa, you will be in breach of the Department of Home Affairs visa conditions. If you cannot get a new visa, you are expected to leave the country. Further details can be found at the Department of Home Affairs website.

You moved to another visa class and required OVHC
You have completed your studies and have applied for another visa class that does not require OSHC. Overseas Visitors Health Cover (OVHC) offers you a number of different health cover options that you can choose from. Obtaining and maintaining OVHC is required as part of your visa conditions. Contact CBHS International Health or your health insurance provider to purchase the right level of OVHC to meet your needs.
You cancelled your cover before you switched to another OSHC provider.

Once you are in Australia, you can switch to another health insurance provider. You need to make sure that you maintain OSHC at all times between the switch and that there are no time gaps. Switching to another provider is easy!

  1. You need to arrange a policy with your new provider.

  2. Obtain proof from the original OSHC provider that you are a member with them and over what period of time. We will recognise the waiting periods you have already served with the other provider. If you upgrade your level of cover, waiting periods will apply to benefits not previously included under your previous cover.

  3. Once this is done, you can organise a refund from your original health insurance provider. To do this you need to be able to provide proof of your new policy to your original OSHC provider. You will also need to be able to demonstrate that your new policy commences before cancelling your previous cover to ensure your new policy overlaps with the insured period provided by your previous policy.


If you are current CBHS International Health member and you are not happy with your health insurance, please contact our team and let us tailor a policy to better suit your needs.

Find out more about switching from your current health care provider to CBHS International Health.

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