Let us help you understand things before you arrive

How can I contact CBHS International Health from outside Australia?

You can contact us:

Overseas student: oshc@cbhscorp.com.au

Overseas worker or visitor: ovhc@cbhscorp.com.au

Or you can call us from overseas on (+61) 2 8604 3537.

Am I covered outside Australia?

No. Your overseas student or visitors health cover can only commence once you have arrived in Australia.

Can I buy my cover before i arrive in Australia?

Yes. You can buy overseas health cover directly from us online, or you can call us to discuss your options.

When will I get my membership card?

Once you have arrived in Australia and activated your cover, we’ll send you your membership card.

When will my cover start?

If you have paid your premium (the fee for your health cover) before you arrive, your cover will start on the day you arrive in Australia. If you are already in Australia then your cover will start from your visa start date.