What if I get sick in Australia?

The actions you should take will depend on the situation you’re in.

Is this an emergency?

An emergency is any medical problem that causes extreme pain, severe blood loss, or could cause death or permanent injury if not treated quickly. An example of an emergency is struggling to breathe, severe chest pain or being hit by a car.

10. What if I get sick

In an emergency, call 000

If you’re feeling unwell but it’s not life-threatening, CBHS International Health provides the following ways to access a doctor or General Practitioner (GP).

Visit a doctor face-to-face in our Choice Network

You can visit any doctors, GPs and other medical service providers within our Choice Network and we’ll cover the full cost of your visit up to the relevant service limit*.

  1. Find a doctor in the Choice Network or by calling 1300 174 537 (visitors) or 1300 174 538 (students).

  2. Call and book an appointment with a clinic from our Choice Network (let them know you're a CBHS International Health member).

  3. If you're seeing this doctor for the first time, arrive a few minutes early to fill in some paperwork.

  4. Remember to take your CBHS International Health membership card and photo identification with you and the medical centre may bill us directly.

Alternatively, you can visit a medical centre or other medical service provider that is not part of the CBHS International Health Choice Network. This will attract out-of-pocket expenses. When you call to book an appointment, ask how much it will cost. After paying for the consultation, ask for a receipt and submit a claim to CBHS International Health by taking a photo of your membership card and the receipt, then email it to: internationalclaims@cbhscorp.com.au

For all above services, refer to your level of health cover for eligibility, service limits, benefits, and any applicable waiting periods.

No Choice Network doctor or GP near you?

If there aren’t any doctors or GPs in the Choice Network list located near you, or your preferred doctor or GP is not on the list, send us an email with your postcode and the details.

We'll work on finding one closer to you or reach out to your doctor or GP to join our Network.

Want a doctor to visit you at home?

If you need urgent care between 8pm to 8am (AEDT) everyday call 24-7 Med Care on 1800 719 795. They will help you decide if you need to go to a hospital emergency department, or if a telehealth/video appointment or home doctor visit is needed.

24-7 Med Care appointments are free for most members^.

Need a blood test, x-ray, or other medical test?

CBHS International has partnered with various pathology, urology, and radiology service providers. Find a medical test provider near you (coming soon).

*For all above services, refer to your level of health cover for eligibility, service limits, benefits, and any applicable waiting periods. ^FREE means $0 out-of-pocket costs for eligible members. OVHC Base Hospital members are not eligible. Non-eligible members can access these services but will have to pay the fee and can’t make a claim