What are STIs?
Sexually transmitted infections (STIs), also called sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are infectious diseases that can be passed from an infected person to others through unprotected sexual contact including skin-to-skin genital contact, oral sex and sexual intercourse.
When should I get tested?

Some people who have STIs often show no symptoms and can carry the infection for some time without being diagnosed or tested. Do not wait until you show signs before getting tested. It is a good idea to get tested if:

  • you have had unprotected sex, that is, sex without a condom or dam, including vaginal, oral or anal sex
  • you have had a condom break or it has fallen off during sex
  • your partner has another sexual partner or has had previous sexual partners
  • you have shared injecting equipment
  • you are starting a new sexual relationship.
Follow these steps to get tested

1. Visit a GP

For your convenience, you can access a GP through our online doctors or you can visit a GP within our network to discuss if you need to have STI tests.

2. Pathology tests

Some tests will be completed by your GP, others may need a blood test from a pathology centre. Contact Health Assist if you need help finding a pathology centre.

3. Wait for your results before having your any sexual contact

Contact your doctor for the results.

4. Treatment (if test is positive)

If your test is positive, your doctor will prescribe treatment such as medication.

5. Submit a claim

To make a claim, send your receipt to us for:

  • GP visit
  • Pathology test
  • Medication (if you were prescribed)
Cost of STI test

1. The cost for STI testing is roughly between $50 and $200 – some or all of this will be covered under your OSHC depending on what the charge is.

If you would like to be certain of the costs before the testing:

2. Ask your GP or the pathology centre for the Medicare item numbers for the test and how much they will charge for the tests.

3. Contact us and let us know the item number and the cost. We can tell you how much will be covered under your policy.

Access to free STI testing

Each state and territory manage their own Sexual Health Clinics independently. Whilst it is a free clinic for Australian citizens and permanent residents, there are some services available to international students if you fall in the priority list due to circumstances. You can reach out to them and they will assess your situation individually.

For your nearest sexual health clinic, click on your state

Does my OSHC cover the cost of testing?
Yes. We cover 100% of the benefit amount listed in the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS). Please refer to the ‘Cost of STI test’ section above for a full explanation.
Does my OSHC cover the cost of treatment?
Your OSHC will provide some benefits towards the cost of your prescription medications. If the medications are listed on the PBS, your OSHC will subsidise the cost of treatment. For example, if your prescription costs $90, you will receive a benefit of $49 ($90 less the 2020 Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) co-payment of $41). If your prescription costs $150, you will receive a benefit of $50 (as $150 less the current PBS co-payment of $41 is higher than $50). Your maximum annual limit is up to $300 per calendar year (single) or $600 (couple/family). The benefit paid will be for expenses exceeding the equivalent of the current PBS co-payment amount.

Free condoms

You can access free condoms in various locations such as sexual health clinics, family planning clinics and at your university campus. Here are some additional places listed below.

Note: Please call ahead before arriving as their opening hours may have changed during COVID-19.




All clinical information contained in this article/on this page is intended for general information purposes only. The information should not be relied upon as medical advice and does not supersede or replace a consultation with a suitably qualified healthcare professional.

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