The actions you should take will depend on the situation you're in.

Is this an emergency?

An emergency is when you’ve got an immediate illness or injury (you’re hurt), and it’s threatening your life. For example, you’re struggling to breathe, or you’ve been hit by a car (or someone close to you has).

If this is an emergency, call 000.


It’s not an emergency if:

You’ve been hurt or are feeling sick, but it’s not life-threatening. For example, you’ve twisted your ankle, or have a minor cough or cold.


In an emergency

Call 000 on your phone.

Tell them if you need a translator and they’ll send emergency services, like an ambulance, to help you.


You're feeling sick or are hurt

Call our helpline on 1300 174 538. We’ll help you work out who to see and what other actions you need to take.


You have a minor cough, a cold, or a sore throat

Pop over to your nearest pharmacy, and they can give some medicine over the counter.If you don’t know where your nearest pharmacy or chemist is call our helpline on 1300 174 538.



Find a CBHS International Health Network Doctor near you

To save on costs, use this page to help find a medical centre that is part of the CBHS International Health network

How does it work?

  1. Find a CBHS International Health network doctor here or by calling 1300 174 538
  2. Call and book an appointment (let them know you're a CBHS International Health OSHC or OVHC member) 
  3. Confirm their payment process
  4. If you're seeing this doctor for the first time, arrive a few minutes early to fill in some paperwork.
  5. Remember to take your CBHS International Health membership card and photo identification with you

If you pay on the day of your appointment

Why would I need to pay on the day?

You can see any doctor (General Practitioner or GP) that practices general medicine with your student cover (OSHC) and visitors cover (OVHC). However, you might have to pay on the day of your appointment and then claim the payment back from us by emailing a copy of your receipt and membership card. In this instance, there might also be a gap between the amount you pay and the amount we refund (we call this a gap payment). 

A CBHS International Health Network GP, also called a Direct Billing doctor, has an agreement with us to provide medical services to our members and they bill us directly. This means you don’t have to pay on the day of your appointment.

Check with the receptionist when you book your appointment to confirm what their payment process is. If they require payment on the day of the appointment, confirm with them how much you need to pay and what payment methods they have. 

Remember to take your CBHS OSHC/OVHC card with you. If you're paying for the appointment on the day, remember to get a receipt so you can claim a refund from us.

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