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Men's Health Issues

Mens health

This is a guide to the health issues that affect men and how to take precautionary actions to minimise the risk of their occurrence. Common conditions affecting men include coronary heart disease, prostate cancer, depression and diabetes. With these in mind, it’s important to watch out for their signs and symptoms and learn how to reduce your risk where you can.


1. Prostate cancer

After some forms of skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men.  Prostate cancer causes abnormal cells to develop within the prostate gland. These cells grow and multiply, creating a tumour.

Understand your risk

The many risk factors for developing prostate cancer include:

  • increasing age
  • family history – you have a higher risk if your brother or father had the condition
  • eating a diet high in fat and with not enough fruits and vegetables
  • being overweight
Prostate cancer

While you can’t control your age or family history, you can manage your weight and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.