What are my details used for?

The information provided on this form, and your customer details generated by CBHS International Health, will be used to provide you with health cover services (including for benefit payment, entitlements, and audit purposes), to administer to your customer account, to communicate with you and to identify customers who may benefit from chronic disease management programs or hospital-substitute treatment. To enable us to do these things, we may disclose information to people or bodies who provide services to CBHS International Health. Where you receive treatment from a Hospital or medical health service provider contracted to CBHS International Health, we may provide them with your cover details to enable them to fulfill their obligations to you under the contract.

You may request access to your information and ask that it be corrected by contacting us. If you do not provide us with the information sought, we may be unable to provide you with health cover services.

The CBHS International Health Privacy Policy sets out, in detail, the ways in which CBHS International Health may collect, use, or disclose your personal information from time-to-time.