CBHS International Health eClaim Terms and Conditions

In addition to the Terms of Use, the following conditions apply to the use of the CBHS International Health eClaims facility.

Please read the CBHS International Health eClaims Terms and Conditions carefully. Your use of the CBHS International Health eClaims facility signifies your acceptance of the CBHS International Health eClaims Terms and Conditions.

About eClaim

  • Using eClaims, members can submit a claim online for all Medical and Hospital services claimable from CBHS International Health.
  • eClaims are subject to any per service, per claim and overall category limits as outlined in the relevant CBHS International Health Benefit Fund Rules.
  • eClaims can be submitted provided they are not subject to a worker’s compensation, third party insurance or damages claim, or covered by entitlements or payments of any kind.
  • CBHS International Health will only pay a benefit for services that have been paid in full (except for Ambulance accounts). Should you submit an eClaim for an unpaid service, CBHS International Health reserves the right to deduct any benefit paid immediately.
  • An eClaim may only be submitted for services received within the last 12 months.
  • CBHS International Health may contact your service provider to validate the service and obtain all information required to assess and process the eClaim which includes, but is not limited to, patient records and clinical notes.
  • eClaims can only be paid by direct credit into your nominated CBHS International Health direct credit account which must be an Australian bank account.
  • eClaims must include a valid receipt which includes the service provider details (name, provider number and address), item numbers and/or description of the service, date and cost of each service, amount paid, payment method, full name of patient, written in English and on the service provider’s official stationery or have the service provider’s official stamp.
  • For paid services, with receipts attached and irrespective of the amount, you should typically expect to receive the benefit within 3 to 5 business days for Medical claims.
  • For Hospital claims, the hospital can expect to receive payment within and up to 28 calendar days after submitting their bill.
  • You must attach a valid receipt to submit an eClaim.


By using eClaim:

  • You declare and acknowledge the information supplied in connection with the eClaim is true and correct and you are authorised to lodge an eClaim on behalf of all dependants on the membership;
  • You authorise CBHS International Health to contact the provider of any service claimed and to obtain all information required to assess and process the eClaim, which may include, but is not limited to, patient records and clinical notes; and
  • You consent and are authorised to consent to the collection, use and disclosure of all personal and health information in accordance with the CBHS International Health Privacy Policy which can be accessed on the CBHS International Health website at www.cbhsinternationalhealth.com.au/policies/privacy-policy or by calling 1300 174 537.

Last updated: 1 December 2023