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This product is an intermediate visa-compliant cover providing you with in-hospital services and treatments with some services paying minimum benefits. Plus, emergency ambulance, out-patient services, and out-of-hospital pharmacy benefits

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$9598 per month


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100% compliant for your work visa

You’ll get your confirmation of cover shortly after making payment.

Overseas Worker Mid Hospital and Medical Cover is overseas worker’s health cover that meets the Department of Home Affair’s (DoHA) working visa requirements. It provides benefits towards a range of in-hospital, out-of-hospital, doctor and prescription medicines.

What you're getting

We show you upfront what is and isn’t included in your cover.

Feature Include
Meets your visa requirements
Instant confirmation of your cover
Accident and emergency services
Online Doctor services
Face-to-face Doctor services (out of hospital)
Prescription medicines (out of hospital)
Specialist doctor
Pathology and radiology
Pregnancy program
Hospital Substitute program
Mental health program
Chronic disease management program
Public hospital Emergency Department facility fee for non-emergency treatment
Excess (a fee payable by you if you're admitted to hospital)
Hospital treatment - doctor, specialists, pathology & radiology
Pregnancy and related services
Prescription medicines (in hospital)
Assisted reproductive services
Elective cosmetic surgery or laser eye treatment
Medicines not on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule (PBS) and experimental drugs
Meets visa requirements as set by the Department of Home Affairs (DoHA)
In most cases, you'll receive your Visa Certificate instantly when you join CBHS International
100% of the charge for medically necessary transport to a hospital or treatment at the scene due to an accident or medical emergency
100% of the service cost up to $35.00, except where an exclusion applies from CBHS International Health Recognised Online Health Consultation Service Providers.
Free visits per year provided by a GP who is part of the CBHS International Health network. Annual limits apply based on level of cover. *
Medicine prescribed to you by a doctor. PBS co-payment up to $75 per script. Annual limit applies per person per calendar year based on level of cover.
A doctor specialising in a particular field, eg. a surgeon or a cardiologist. Check benefit limits with CBHS International before making an appointment.
Services including blood tests, x-rays and ultrasounds. Covered up to 100% of the MBS.
Access to information, support and services to childbirth education and antenatal classes
The program provides you In Home Hospital Care, Rehabilitation and Wound Management services to reduce the time spent in hospital and recover from the comfort of your own home.
The program includes mental health coaching, with various levels of support provided under a stepped care framework.
Tailored programs to support your health challenges
If you go to a public hospital for non-emergency treatment you may be charged a facility fee by the hospital. Maximum benefit $160
An excess is the amount you pay towards the cost of your hospital admission before any benefit is payable.
For overnight hospital stays in private and public hospitals. 100% cover for agreement private hospitals. We pay the State gazetted rate for public hospital stays. Some public charge more than this which means you will have to pay the difference.
100% of the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS)
Medication provided as apart of your in hospital treatment
* If you exceed free visits, you will receive 100% of Medicare Benefit Schedule (MBS) fee per visit. For eligible services provided by GPs who are not part of the network, you will receive 100% of the MBS.

What does this mean for you?

Online Doctor services

Access our online doctors from any of our CBHS International Recognised Online Health Consultation Service Providers and we pay the cost up to the relevant service limit, except for services where an exclusion applies. We’re making it easier for you wherever you need a health consult, medical certificate, referral letter or prescription. These services available through your mobile phone or desktop.

National GP Network

We pay the cost for eligible services provided by GP's who are part of the CBHS International Health network (up to the relevant service limit). Annual limits apply.

Programs for your health and wellbeing

Health and wellness tips and programs to help you stay healthy while you are living in Australia.

Here to help 24/7

Call us. Anytime. Any day. Any language. If you require assistance, please call the 24/7 medical, interpreter and personal assistance helpline. If in Australia call 1300 174 538 or if outside Australia call +61 2 8604 3537.

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