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Why CBHS International Health?

CBHS International Health exists to offer overseas students, visitors and workers better options for looking after their health. We are a subsidiary of an Australian health fund with over 65 years of experience in looking after the health insurance needs of their members. Nothing matters more than your health, and we’re investing heavily in innovative initiatives to make sure your medical needs are taken care of.


We Want to Give You Value for Money


24/7 Helpline

Personal support over the phone with an interpreter service so you can understand us and we can understand you.


Preventative Support

We make sure you get preventative checkups and support, like flu shots, to help prevent and spot problems early.


Focus on health and wellbeing

We're supporting you, not just when you go to the doctor, but at other times to help make sure you're healthy and happy.



Why We are Different

We're not just here to fulfil a legal obligation for health cover. We're here to be your partners in health, supporting you in ways you don't expect. Our team are available to help you navigate the Australian health system and to help you to get and stay healthy while you’re in Australia. We're your first place to call if you have any health-related questions or problems.

Our health insurance cover includes more because we know what unexpected health issues can surprise you while you're in Australia, and we want to make sure you're protected and covered for as much as possible.

In a nutshell, we really care!


You get more


GP Network

We guide you to quality doctors throughout Australia.
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Clinical Services

We help you navigate the health system and understand costs.


Private Hospital Network

High-quality hospital services from the CBHS hospital network.


Innovative Programs

In-home care, maternity support, counselling, emergency support and more.


Have a question? Our team is here to help.

From pricing to products, or when to see the doctor - our team can give you answers.

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